Julia Larmour, Producer, Director, Camera, Editor, Transcriber, Slogan & Jingle Writer.  


Founder of Spontaneous Productions, Kamile Kapel is a graduate of the Documentary Program at Capilano University and has a BFA in theatre from Simon Fraser University.  She's also a trained musician and singer-songwriter with a passion for improvisation.  As a Vancouver native, Kamile has a strong network and a good knowledge of the city, its locations and facilities.  Kamile is a natural storyteller who loves hearing your story and helping you tell it in the form of a video that is enjoyable to watch. 

Andrew Butler, Boom Operator & Sound Mixer, Producer & Recording Engineer.

Andrew has an extensive background in sound and musical recording with a degree from Fanshawe Technical Arts College's Music Indusrty Arts program in London, Ontario. His first music industry position was managing and engineering at Toronto's recording studio "Studiofarm", and touring as a stage monitor mixer with Toronto's A-circuit band, "Nightwinds" for a year. In 1979 he was hired at Vancouver's Bullfrog Studios, and instituted Vancouver's first sound-engineering school there. In 1983 he created Howe Sound Studios in Vancouver, which has been operating ever since. He has worked with many artists as a co-writer, PA mixer, producer and sound engineer.



Together, Andrew and Julia make a powerful team, creating a positive, supportive and creative environment for video production.  Andrew's skillset balances Julia's people skills, vision and storytelling abilities  with his strong eye for detail, troubleshooting the technical challenges of filmmaking and fine cutting the edits.  



 Offer either one or two camera shoots 

Write slogans 

Have a good sense of humour

Love collaborating 

Transcribe interviews

Supply a paper edit

Are musicians as well as filmmakers

Write jingles and signature songs

and most importantly,

We bring our passion to your video project. 




p: 604.726.4704
e: larmourjulia@gmail.com

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