Kamile Kapel, Producer, Director, Camera, Editor, Transcriber, Slogan & Jingle Writer.  


Founder of Spontaneous Productions, Kamile Kapel is a graduate of the Documentary Program at Capilano University and has a BFA in theatre from Simon Fraser University.  She's also a trained musician and singer-songwriter with a passion for improvisation.  As a Vancouver native, Kamile has a strong network and a good knowledge of the city, its locations and facilities.  Kamile is a natural storyteller who loves hearing your story and helping you tell it in the form of a video that is enjoyable to watch. 


Andrew Butler, Boom Operator & Sound Mixer, Producer & Recording Engineer.

Andrew has an extensive background in sound and musical recording with a degree from Fanshawe Technical Arts College's Music Indusrty Arts program in London, Ontario. His first music industry position was managing and engineering at Toronto's recording studio "Studiofarm", and touring as a stage monitor mixer with Toronto's A-circuit band, "Nightwinds" for a year. In 1979 he was hired at Vancouver's Bullfrog Studios, and instituted Vancouver's first sound-engineering school there. In 1983 he created Howe Sound Studios in Vancouver, which has been operating ever since. He has worked with many artists as a co-writer, PA mixer, producer and sound engineer.





 Offer either one or two camera shoots 

Write slogans 

Have a good sense of humour

Love collaborating 

Transcribe interviews

Supply a paper edit

Are musicians as well as filmmakers

Write jingles and signature songs

and most importantly,

We bring our passion to your video project.