Colors the Camera Loves:

Jewel colours like the one in this palette look great on camera.

















Don’t wear clothing with tight patterns

Checks, hounds-tooth or pin stripes cause an optical illusion that looks bad on video.


Busy is bad

Don’t wear clothing with bold patterns or geometric shapes. The audience will watch your clothes instead of you.














Colours to Avoid

Avoid wearing black, white, bright orange or bright reds. These colors can cause problems on video.



For dress shirts, avoid bright white if possible

Solid-color shirts are best: blue, beige, off-white, etc. If you wear a bright white shirt or blouse, make sure to wear a darker jacket over it.



Watch out for jewelry that reflects light or makes noise, like bangles.



Wear them if you need them to see or if that is how people will recognize you. If your lenses are very shiny, the crew may adjust their position to avoid unwanted reflections.


Makeup and Hair

Wear makeup to cover up blemishes and reduce perspiration. You may want to bring a handkerchief or tissues to dab perspiration during breaks. Women should avoid vivid red lipstick or lip gloss; stick to softer tones and dab lips with a little powder.


If you’ll be wearing a tie, simple is best

Bring several options. Avoid complex patterns, thin lines, or bright reds and oranges.


Don’t Over-Prep

We do not recommend memorizing a script unless you are a vigorous and frequent speech giver. Do memorize your key messages and let us help you get the information across during the interview process. We are more than willing to work with you to get the quotes we need to make a great video.


Look at the Interviewer

Don’t look directly at the camera lens. You will be answering questions asked to you by an interviewer seated next to the camera. Interact and converse with the interviewer as if there isn’t a camera in the room. Don’t look down or away from the interviewer, always look them directly in the eye and give your response with confidence and feeling. After all, you are talking to your audience!


Have Fun

Try to relax & enjoy the process. We are here to help make this a productive and positive experience for you. Your preparation and willingness to listen to our advice is key to your video success!