Planning, shooting and editing a video to promote your business is an exciting, creative process. The first thing to determine is what kind of video will suit your needs and your advertising budget. Here are some examples of videos we've made for small businesses, entrepreneurs, healers and artists. Please contact us for a free consultation to determine what kind of video is right for you. 

INTRO VIDEO: Moving Portrait

This is a great starter video to introduce yourself and your services. A video says so much more than just a picture. We'll help you prepare a short script to be filmed in one location. Post the video on your website, instagram or in your event offering to attract your ideal clients. This may also be a great time saver in explaining your offerings and asking FAQ's. 



Combine an interview with footage demonstrating what you do. Instead of preparing a script, we come up with questions together so you can answer naturally and then we transcribe and edit your answers into a concise script that engages the viewer. As you can see in the children's entertainment videos below, a video of the performance intercut with interview explaining its value easily sells the show and saves hours of explanation. 


Make a video with footage of your music, art, product, service or event set to music. In the first video below, the client wanted to show all the services available at Hair Love salon. We made a list, she found the models and we rolled the camera. The client chose music she liked and we cut it to match hairstyle. In the second video, we captured thirty-five different businesses in Kitsilano in a series of short shots and set them to music to promote the neighbourhood for the Broadway Business Association. 



Add credibility to your interview with testimonials from satisfied clients. In the first video here, "Jump into Music," the client wrote a theme song which we recorded and used as the background music for the video. With this video on her website, she was able to move from Vancouver to Duncan, B.C. and fill her classes there. The second video, for Motorino scooters, answers all the frequently asked questions about electric scooters, saving the owners hours of time educating their potential customers. 

YOUTUBE AD: We create a script for you, including branding, based on a consultation. In this example, we wrote a dramatized script and then cast actors for the parts. We created the slogan at the end, "Motorino: because it's more fun getting there." 



DOCUMENTARY and SHORT FILMS: We're passionate about filmmaking! Below are a couple examples of documentaries we've made as well as short films we've assisted on. We are available to assist in any aspect of productions from producing and directing to camera, sound and editing.

PERFORMANCE VIDEO: Capture that musical performance, public speaking gig or other live event with a professional camera and pro audio.